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Announcing Banner Hoarding at Knockhill - Emotional

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

The Team at Racing Awareness Scotland wanted to surprise our founder.

Alex Milne and therefore his inspiration for starting this team, his much loved and missed wife Sheila Milne. Here’s Alex’s story and pictures of our new hoarding from today.

Alex’s words:

This started as a surprise from the team to commemorate my late wife's viewing spot and, eventually, her final resting place. She would have been secretly flattered and proud, wondered why and said " stupid boy" in a stronger fashion than the original from Captain Mainwairing. It couldn’t be as the gang wanted which was to install and let me see it on track. Firstly, I would likely have crashed at the entry to Duffus. Secondly, they didn't really know if I would approve the exposure and emotion. Lastly they wanted my creative input and opinion. So here is the end result. It mentions Why, How and Who made it possible. The Why being Sheila and then the charities we support. The How being down to the fabulous sponsors supporting the team and the Who being the team members.

Names are important

The Sponsors

QA Vehicle Solutions Lead Sponsor


Loud and Clear: www.

Pier Brasserie:


Evolution Customs:



Pitman Computers:

The Team:

Alex Milne Rab Jobson David Capstick Andrew Fahey Fiona Richard Kristi Hill Jim Milne

The Charities:

Race Against Dementia:

Alzheimer Scotland:

Support in Mind


Steve Sadler

who was also involved in putting this together and is in his car in these pictures

Francis Simmons

Ian Pitman

Andy Napier

Finally, a big thanks to Duncan Vincent for facilitating

and David Christie for his design contributions.

I'm so humbled and thanks to all of you mentioned above❤️

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