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Alex Milne

CAR: 5 - Super Laps Scotland

I started on track nearly 10 years ago with trackdays in a few different cars.


In 2015 I thought it about time I got a race license and took part in my first Superlap Scotland. I ran a TTRS plus for 3 years until RAS was formed and then moved on to the RS Megane.


I have won a few bits of shiny plastic over the years but more importantly have had a great time and met a huge number of great people none greater than the members of Racing Awareness Scotland.



    CAR: 555 - Super Laps Scotland

    I have been on many trackdays in the past with numerous flavours of race cars. That experience complemented my interest in all things under the bonnet. I now move from the tools to the track and can't wait to get out there in our Renault Clio.


    Like most of the team this will be mainly in Superlap Scotland at Knockhill. Whether its under the bonnet or behind the wheel I love race days with the team.


    Bring it on!



      CAR: 55 - Super Laps Scotland

      I spent most of my sporting years in the triathlon world on human power, swim, bike and run, races throughout the UK for 25 years after my rugby finished. Having been a support member of Racing Awareness Scotland since inception I am now attempting competition again but this time on 4 wheels with the help of engine power. I will mainly be competing in Superlap Scotland in our RS Megane and hope that I can support the team on track in due course. It will be a difficult act to follow the past drivers of the car but at least I know that it will take a really big spanner to unbolt the smile from my face.


        RAB JOBSON

        CAR: TBC - Super Laps Scotland

        From a young age if it had an engine I just had to see how fast it could go, since the days of being convinced that if the Speedo showed 180mph that’s how fast the car went, I got into karting and as I got older built cars and got involved in racing. 

        Barc racing in many forms for a number of years and most recently we even did a 24 hour endurance race. Many plastic trophies to my name over the years and hope to add more this year!


        We'll push hard to raise awareness for our causes. 


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