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We are an unusual bunch of people who met through the racing activities of some of our founders at Knockhill Racing Circuit in Fife. A year and half ago that bunch formed a race team to compete in the Citroen C1 24 Hour Endurance Race at Silverstone. We finished the race during which we had to replace an engine and a gearbox- in record time. Importantly, our friendship was galvanised. We had great fun, were very professional and came away with a great reputation and a great many admirers. E.G. Aston Martin Racing. Testimony to our friendliness fun and professionalism is that a group of Marshalls at Silverstone who were policing 100 race teams followed us to an event at the other end of the country 3 months later. Why? Simply they thought we were a bit special.

There was a huge social media admiration society forming which made us think we must carry on and be better at what we do. So what do we do and what are we about.

Our Mission Statement : Help us to help others

In essence, we compete, we raise cash for charity and have a great laugh. We love doing it.

We now know that our ever spreading success and media exposure is giving our charities substantial amounts of cash and bringing their causes to the front of the public mind. They love that because it does a big part of their job free when charities always fight to survive and expand.  Reality is we gift them cash AND our expertise and hard work.


We have a large following focussing on our three main charities, Race Against Dementia, Alzheimer Scotland and Support in Mind Scotland. We also have friends Daisy Eye Art in America who are producing great visual work on Facebook to raise awareness of Dementia from first-hand experience.


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